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The Finance Health Check guides specialists to find your ideal loan. Alternatively, we can also evaluate your current loan’s suitability and explore better options.

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Lets Finance will make financing your home easy and hassle free, ensuring the experience is a happy one. Whilst being construction finance specialists, Lets Finance is an authorised credit representative of Vow Financial. As a member of Vow Financial, Lets Finance has access to hundreds of financial products and the ability to offer better suited products.

Important Note

A Privacy Clause and Authorisation must be signed by all applicants prior to a VEDA reference check being undertaken. All information must be provided in order to obtain an accurate VEDA reference.

Privacy clause to undertake a credit report

Authority for an agent to obtain an individual’s credit information held by a credit reporting agency (Privacy Act 1988)

Authorise Lets Finance to:

  • Act as my/our agent in seeking access to my/our consumer credit information file held by a credit reporting agency.

This authority only applies to enquiries made by Lets Finance in connection with:

  • An application, or proposed application, by me/us for credit
  • My/our having sought advice in relation to existing credit.

Terms agreement

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I afford a new home?

    There are so many different factors that can affect your ability to buy or build a home such as your income, savings and expenses, your loan deposit, and your credit score. 

There’s also grants that you may be eligible for if you’re a first home buyer.

Lenders need to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for a loan. Therefore, it’s our job to answer your burning questions about home loans, fees, and interest rates and prepare you.

    How much you can borrow will also have an impact on the type of properties you look at, as well as the suburbs you consider. We recommend using our calculators to help estimate how much you can borrow and what your repayments will be.

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  • Why should I use a Loan Specialist?

    We’re Loan Specialists – not lenders. Which means that we’re the middleperson between you and the lender.

    We’ll listen to your home loan needs, review your options, and recommend a lender with a specific home loan that suits you. Then, if you’re happy with the terms, they’ll loan you the money you need to buy or build a property.

    About us

  • How is your service free?

    Lenders pay us a fee for providing the service to you as a borrower, therefore using our home loan services won’t cost you anything.

    Why? Well, new customers are worth a lot to lenders. Plus, we do a lot of the heavy lifting that a lender would normally do to help you through the home loan process.

Not only are commissions from Lenders similar across the board, as Loan Specialists, we’re legally obligated to put your interests first when recommending a home loan.

    Home loans

  • What is the application process?

    The first step is collecting your information so that our Loan Specialists can assess your financial situation, by having a look at your income, employment, assets, and credit score.

If you’re eligible to borrow, we will then spend our time sifting through hundreds of financial products to present you with the right loan options to suit your needs. 

If you choose to progress, we handle all communication with the lender and handle the process from application through to settlement.

    Our free Finance Assessment will provide our specialists with the best starting point. Even if you’re not ready to settle, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Lets get you finance!

There’s no better feeling than getting the keys to your new home and we’re here to help. By gaining insight into your current financial position, we’re able to help with future financial decision making and assist with some of the best rates in the market.

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